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Hero of Indian National Army (I.N.A.)


Hero of Indian National Army (I.N.A.)

Harnam Singh
(Fatehgarh, Hoshiarpur)

Escaped in Feroz Shahr encounter, Hanged in Mandi Conspiracy on 29-3-1917

Baba Harnam Singh Tundilat
 (Kotla Noudh Singh, Hoshiarpur)

Member of the Political Commission of the Ghadr party. Wrote revolutionary poetry while working in the Ghadr Newspaper. Lost one arm while making bomb. Awarded life imprisonment. Remained in Cellular Jail Andemans.

Pandit Jagat Ram
(Hariana, Hoshiarpur)

Member of Political commission. One of the editors of the 'Ghadr' Newspaper. Arrested in Peshawar while bringing arms. He was sentenced to death in 1st Lahore Conspiracy Case, later changed to Transportation for life in Andemans Jail.

Khan Khoje

The commander of national army of the Democratic party of Irani Nationalists and the Ghadr Party in Iran. This army defeated the British army but later had to retreat to the North. Accorded warm welcome on entering Soviet Union alongwith thousands of comrades.

Amar Singh Sandhwan

Leader of Panama Ghadr Party. Laid foundation stone of Desh Bhagat Yaadgar complex.

Munsha Singh Dukhi
(Jandiala, Jalandhar)

A popular poet of the Gadhr party. Was confined to his village on return from Cellular Jail. Awarded life imprisonment in 15 Lahore conspriracy case.

Ishar Singh
(Marhana, Amritsar)

Sentenced to village confinement. Helped ghadrites during his tenure as chief administrator of Darbar Sahib Complex.

Baba Pala Singh
(Dhudike, Moga)

Life imprisonment & confiscation of property in the second supplementary case.

Pakhar Singh
(Dhudike, Moga)

Life imprisonment & confiscation of property in the first supplementary case.

Sher Singh
(Wein Puin, Amritsar)

Returned to India in the First Jatha. Life imprisonment. Participated in Kisan movement after release.


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