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Desh Bhagat Yaadgar has a very large exhibition hall measuring 90 by 60 feet with 212 portraits of Ghadar heroes displayed thematically. Included among these are many other Indian patriots and revolutionaries who played prominent role in India's freedom struggle.

This website gallery is under construction with more photographs or painting of prominent Ghadar leaders and activists. We are inviting more authentic portraits from the public. Please also see gallery of photographs collected at Berkeley's Bancroft Library.


Sham Singh Attariwala

The hero of battle of Sabhrawan . When the commandr-in-chief Teja Singh betrayed and deserted to the British destroying the boat bridge even then Sham Singh launched a vigourous attack and martyred in the battle field.

Diwan Mool Raj

Diwan of Multan (during Sikh Kingdom) Who did not accept the British dominance. He was overpowered after 4 months blockade and bombardment of Multan fort.

Ajit Singh

Uncle of great martyr Bhagat Singh, Leader of 1907 peasant movement, was deported to Mandley Jail and worked actively for the freedom of motherland for 38 years. Died on 15th August1947 at Dalhousie.

Bhai Maharaj Singh

First revolutionary of the Punjab, who organised resistance to British imperialism after the defeat of the Sikh Army, was exiled as State priosoner, died on 5th July, 1856 in Singapore Jail.

Mian Ram Singh Pathania

Son of S. Sham Singh, Minister of Noorpur. Exiled to Burma as state prisoner, died in 1858 in Moulmein Jail in Burma.

Lala Lajpat Rai

Participated in peasant movement in 1907. Exiled to Burma. Promiment congress leader. During Simon Commission's Boycott demonstration, he was seriously injured by the lathis of the police and died on 17th November 1928.

Mangal Pande

The hero of the First War of Independence 1857, whose first shot inaugurated our freedom struggle. He was handged on 8th April, 1857 at Barrackpore Cantonment, Calcutta.

Jawala Prashad

A Commander of Nana Saheb's troops, was captured in 1859 and hanged in Kanpur on 3rd May, 1860.

Bhai Bal Mukand
(Kariala, Jhelum)

Successor of Famous sikh History Martyr Bhai Mati Dass. Took part in Hardinge Bomb case Delhi and Lawrence Bomb case, Lahore. He was hanged on 11th May, 1915 in Ambala Jail.

Laxmi Bai

Queen of Jhansi. Defeated the Britishers many times in the First War of Independence 1857. Martyred at the battle field on 18th June 1858.

Begum Hazrat Mahal

The wife of Nawab of Avadh Wazid Ali who was arested and sent to Calcutta. But Begum Mehal led the Army against British in 1857 Revolt.

Avadh Bihari

Took part in Hardinge Bomb case. He was hanged on 8th May, 1915 in Delhi Jail.


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