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Bhai Ram Singh (Dhuleta, Jalandhar)

Donated his entire property to Ghadr party. Killed traitor Ram Chandra and was shot dead by the Martial within Vancouver Court premises on 23-4-1918.

Ram Rakkha
(Sasoli, Hoshiarpur)

He was the principal accused in Mandlay conspiracy case. Sentenced to transportation for life. Died in cellular jail, Andeman while on hunger strike in 1919.

Kehar Singh
(Marhana, Amritsar)

Ghadrite Leader. Life imprisonment in Andeman Jail. Martyred in the prison.

Bhai Santokh Singh
(Dhardeo, Amritsar)

He was editor of 'Ghadr' Newspaper. Sentenced two years imprisonment in Sanfrancisco case. He was the founder editor of Marxist 'Kirti' Newspaper.

Bhan Singh
(Sunet, Ludhiana)

A companion of Kartar Singh Sarabha. Returned to India with Ghadrites. Martyred on 2-3-1918 in the hospital after bearing of jail authorities brutalities in the Andeman jail during life imprisonment.

Master Udham Singh
(Kasel, Amritsar)

Trained the revolutionaries returning to India in the use of fire arms at Jawala Suigh's Farm. Life imprisonment after returning to India from America. Escaped from the Vellore jail, reached Kabul and established the headquarter of ghadr party there, visited India each year secretly. Assassinated in 1926 while crossing the borders.

Harnam Singh
(Gujjarwal, Ludhiana)

Tried in 2nd Lahore conspiracy case. Life imprisonment.

Watan Singh
(Sahri, Hoshiarpur)

Life imprisonment & confiscation of property in the second supplementary Lahore conspiracy case.

Kartar Singh
(Nawan Chand, Moga)

Life imprisonment & confiscation of property in the second supplementary Lahore conspiracy case.

Bhai Parmanand (Jhansi)

A student revolutionary who joined Ghadr party. Awarded life imprisonment and suffered hardships by opposing Barrie's autocratic rule in Andeman jail.

Bhai Randhir Singh
(Narangwal, Ludhiana)

Left his Job as Tehsildar to join the Ghadr party. A well-known Sikh 'Kirtania'. Awarded life imprisonment. Helped prisoners escape from Hazaribagh jail (Bihar).

Harbhajan Singh
(Chawinda, Ludhiana)

A member of Bhai Randhir Singh's party for abortive attack on Ferozepur Cantt. Sentenced transportation for life but reduced to 3 years rigrous imprisonment due to younger age.


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