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Lahori Ram Pardesi
(Cheema Kalan, Jalandhar)

Leader of Newzealand Ghadr Party, Poet founder of Kisan Sabha in Punjab.

Baba Rur Singh Chuhrchak

Organized Ghadr Guards in Malwa area. Arrested while going to Mandi (H. P.) for reolt- Awarded life imprisonment in Andeman. Helped in the organization of kisan Sabha after release. Elected to assembly without contest

Piara Singh Langeri

Ghadrite leader in Canada. Awarded death sentence later on commuted to Life imprisonment in the first Ghadr Conspiracy case. Was member of Punjab asembly.

Baba Nidhan Singh
(Chugha, Moga)

A socialist intellectual who worked amongst the students. Assisted in founding Ghadr party in Burma. Involved in the Mandi case, arrested and awarded transpotaion for life.

Babu Mangu Ram
(Mughowal, Hoshiarpur)

Member of the Ghadr group controlling German weapons sent through moverick ship during first world war. Founder of Ad Dharm Movment in India.

Hari Singh Usman
(Badowal, Ludhiana)

Ghadrite poet, Leader of the Ghadr group controlling German weapons sent through Maverick ship. Actively participated in Indian National Army alongwith his two sons, younger son met martyrdom in a action

Ram Saran Dass Talwar

Death sentence in 1st Ghadr conspiracy case. Later on commuted to life imprisonment at age of 27. Five years imprisonment in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Case.

General Mohan Singh

Comandar in Chief Indian National Army (I.N.A.)

Subhash Chander Bose

President of Indian National Congress and president of forward Block. Supreme commander of Indian National Army.

Baba Pirthi Singh Azad

Joined the Gadhr Party.Arrested at Ambala Cantt while on party mission. Awarded life imprisonment. Escaped from running train. Remained President Freedom fighter organisation till death.


Hero of Indian National Army (I.N.A.)

G. S. Dhillon

Hero of Indian National Army (I.N.A.)


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