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Baba Ram Singh
(Bhaini Raiyan, Ludhiana)

Bhaini Raiyan . Founder of the Kuka movement, gave call of Swadeshi and non co-operation, arrested on 18th January 1872 and exiled to Burma from where he did not return.

Hira Singh Kuka
(Saklodi, Patiala)

Took part in attack on Maloud, Malerkotla, was captured and blown to death by cannon on 17th January 1872.

Sufi Amba Parshad

Born of Muradabad (U.P.). Took part in peasant agitation in Punjab in 1907 and was sentenced for six years. Escaped to Iran. He took part in Iranian national movement, was captured by British authorities in South Iran and was condemned to death. Found dead on 21st, February, 1915 the day of execution.

Bhai Bishan Singh

12 year old clinched to the beard of Cowan (D. C. Ludhiana) during Malerkotla massacre, he had to be slain immediately.

Bhai Lehna Singh

A close associate of Baba Ram Singh, was hanged on a tree publically in Ram Bagh at Amritsar on 15th September 1871.

Banke Dayal

Editor of "Jhang Syal". Author of 'Pagri Sambhal Jatta', famous song of 1907 peasant movement. His paper was confiscated and he was exiled.

Namdhari Martyrs being blown away with guns-An unprecedented sacrifice!

On 17th January 1872 a batch of 125 valiant Namdharis led by S. Hira Singh and S. Lehna Singh of Saklodi attacked Malerkotla against the malafide intentions and divisive policies of the Britishers. Out of these, 49 persons were (under the direction of Cowan the then Deputy commissioner of Ludhiana) blown away by guns at Malerkotla while another batch of 16 was blown away at the same spot the next day. Imbued with the spirit of patriotism, Bhai Waryam Singh, Collected a few clods to raise his height against the cannon's mouth. Also Bhai Bishan Singh, a 12 years old child, on hearing bad remarks by Cowan, clinched to the latter's beard fiercely, was slain immediately by sword.

Basant Kumar

Hurled bomb on Viceroy Lord Hardinge on 23rd December 1912 near Chandani Chowk, Delhi. He was hanged on 10th May, 1915 in Delhi Jail.

Vasudev Balwant Phadke

Attacked the Britishers along with the people of Ramoshi Tribe. Sent to Adan Prison after arrest. Died in Jail on 17-2-1883 while on fast unto death against the inhuman treatment.

Sher Ali

Killed Viceroy Lord Meo who was on visit at Andaman Jail. Was hanged on 9-2-1872 at Viper island.

Master Amir Chand

Born in 1889 at Delhi. Took leading part in Hardinge Bomb case. Was hanged in Delhi central Jail on 8th May, 1915.


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