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Baba Sohan Singh
(Bhakna, Amritsar)

Founder president of the Ghadr party. Tried in First Lahore conspiracy case and was sentenced to death later on commutted to transportation for life. Took part in hunger strikes in Andeman Cellular Jail. President of All India Kisan Sabha. Underwent. 26 years imprisonment in 1940.

Moulvi Barkat Ullah
(Bhopal, Madhya Prades)

Joined Ghadr movement in Japan Prime Minister of provisional government of India, in exile, in Kabul. Again went to U.S.A. Elected vice president of the Ghadr Party.

Bhai Meva singh
(Lopoke, Amritsar)

Killed Hopkinson in court of Vancouver at whose instigation Bela Singh Killed Bhai Bhag Singh and Bhai Badan Singh. Hanged on 11.1.1915 in Vancouver jail (Canada)

Lala Hardyal

First General Secretary of Ghadr party (1913-14) and founder editor of 'Ghadr' newspaper.

Pandit Kanshi Ram
(Marouli, Ropar)

First Cashier of Ghadr party. Accused in Ferozeshah Murder Case. Was hanged on March 27, 1915 in central jail Lahore.

Bhai Bhagwan Singh

Worked amongst Indians in Canada and imbued them with revolutionary zeal by his lectures. Wrote a number of peoms which were collected in 'Ghadr Di Goonj'. Exiled from Canada. Helped in the reorganisation of the Ghadr Party in America after the failure of uprising.

Baba Jawala Singh
(Thathian, Amritsar)

His farm was the centre of revolutionary nationalist activities in America. First Vice-President of Ghadr Party. Donated his entire property to Ghadr Party and returned to India. Was awarded life imprisonment. After release elected first President of Punjab Kisan Sabha. Died leading the Tenant movement of Nili Bar.

Baba Kesar Singh
(Thathgarh, Amritsar)

First Vice President of the Ghadr party. Awarded life imprisonment in the First Lahore Conspiracy case. After release led the peasant movement till his death. Confined in Deoli Camp Jail in 1940.

Bhai Bhag Singh
(Bhikhiwind, Amritsar)

Organised Indians for revolution in Canada. President of Gurudwara at Vancouver. British agent Bela Singh shot him dead while he was in deep prayers in Gurudwara on 5-9-1914 in Vancouver

D. Chenchaiya

One of the founder member of Ghadr Party.

Thakur Singh
(Thathian, Amritsar)

Sentenced transportation for life in Lahore conspiracy case.

Madan Lal Dhingra

Shot dead Col. William A.D.C. in India office London. Hanged on 17th August, 1909 at Penton ville Jail, London.


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