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Balwant Singh
(Khurdpur, Jalandhar)

Activist since the tounding of Ghadr movement in Canada. Hanged in central Jail Lahore on the basis of past revolutionary activities on 29th March 1917. 

Bhai Ranga Singh
(Khurdpur, Jalandhar)

An active member of ghadr party. Shot dead the police guard of Walla Bridge post. Hanged on 18th June, 1916 in central jail Lahore.

Pandit Sohan Lal Pathak
(Patti, Amritsar)

An intellectual, who joined the Ghadr Party. Took Part in organising revolt amongst soldiers in Burma and Thailand. Hanged on 10th February 1916 in Mandley Jail.

Uttam Singh
(Haans, Ludhiana)

Associate of Kartar Singh Sarabha and V.G. Pingle. Participated in Walla Bridge attack Participated in murder of Zaildar Chanda Singh and Hanged on 18th June central Jail Lahore.

Ishar Singh
(Dhudike, Moga)

Tried in 2nd Lahore conspiracy case. Hanged on 18th June 1916 in central jail Lahore.

Wasawa Singh
(Warra, Hoshiarpur)

Ghadr Party Siam, Priest in Chiangmai Gurdwara, Tried in 1st Burma Ghadr Conspiracy case, hanged on Feb. 10, 1916 in Mandley Jail.

Rass Bihari Bose

A member of Yuganter party. An accused of hurling a bomb on the Viceroy Hardinge. Settled on Lahore to strengthen the Ghadr movement after coming to Punjab from Bengal. He formed Indian Independent League in Japan during the second world war.

Shachindra Nath Sanyal

A well-known revolutionary. Worked with Rass Behari Bose in organizing revolts in cantonments. Writer of `Bandi Jiwan'. Sentenced life imprisonment two times.Died in Jail in 1945.

Hardit Singh
(Lame Jatpura, Ludhiana)

Life imprisonment and confiscation of property in the Mandley conspiracy case.

Haafiz Abdulla
(Sherpura, Ludhiana)

Leader of Ghadr Party in Philpines. Arrested in Calcutta while coming back in Toaha Maru. Hanged on 29th March 1917 in Lahore Jail.

Kala Singh
(Jagatpur, Amritsar)

Participated in Walla Bridge encounter. Hanged on 9th August 1915 in Lahore Jail

Rehmat Ali
(Wazidke, Sangroor)

Leader of Ghadr Party in Mamila Philipines) Arrested in Ferozeshah Murder Case, for killing Sub Inspector Police. Ferozeshah. Was hanged on 27 March1915, in Mintgomri Jail.


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